History of JFSN

JFSN (Jazz Funk Soul Nights) was a venture started by two DJ's Ivan Childs and Mark Almond in 2007 to provide dance nights and venues for followers of classic soul, r n b, funk and jazzfunk.

At it's peak we were attracting more than 400 people each week at our various venues throughout Hertfordshire. We also promoted special all day events with guests such as Greg Edwards and Chris Hill. Our website saw a peak of 740 visits in one week.

Primarily located in Stevenage (approx 30 mins from London), Ivan and Mark were resident at Remix Nightclub, Chesthunt Country Club and spent 3 nights a week for 3 years at a popular venue Cinnabar in Old Town of Stevenage. Other ventures included numerous appearances at clubs and radio, they even broadcast on the JFSN Internet radio for 2 years to an average audience of 1200 listeners worldwide. (some of the early shows are available to listen on the web).

Ivan and Mark were often joined by fellow DJ Daz Lovelock, all three had a passion for the music they played, old and new.

Due to other commitments, work and family, the JFSN bandwagon was eventually wound-down. For those regular visitors to this site, thank you for your support and kind words, and hope this will help you understand why the site no longer gets updated.

You never know, we may one day hold a reunion or another special promotion, but for now we have the live radio broadcasts!!!


Where are they now?

So whatever happened to the JFSN DJ Team:

Ivan is still involved in the Jazz Funk Soul Scene with guest appearances at select venues. Currently DJing on Internet radio, and soon to be Radio presenter for local radio. A regular attendee at the Classic Caister Soul Weekenders.

DJ Mark Almond is still heavily involved in the music business as a producer and remixer of classic soul mixes, and part of the House Scene (www.djmarkalmond.co.uk) with recent remixes played on Radio 1 and KISS FM. Also involved in the soon to be broadcast Deeply House Radio (www.deeplyhouseradio.co.uk). Mark is still DJ'ing at various Club House Music events, but still maintains that passion for the classic soul scene.

Daz is still on the Soul Scene circuit with residency at various venues in Stevenage. A regular at the Caister Soul Weekends, and recently guested on Caister Radio. Always known as someone who likes to "break" new tunes during his DJ set.



Sample Radio Show

Click the link below to hear one of the archived broadcasts of JFSN Radio

Here are just a few of our favourite tunes from the JFSN era.

  1. Que Tal America
    Two Man Sound
  2. Disco Nights
  3. Expansions
    Lonnie Liston Smith
  4. Never Too Much
    Luther Vandross
  5. Groove On
    Willie Beaver Hale
  6. You Know How
    Phylis Hyman
  7. This is What You Are
    Mario Biondi
  8. Sound of Music
  9. The Bottle
    Gil Scott-Heron
  10. Lovin You
    Donald Byrd


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